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Check out our Contractor Ratings to see what neighbors have to say about contractors they have hired.

Neighborhood Newsletter from the City

The city has an archive of neighborhood oriented newsletters available for reading or download.

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Join the neighborhood bookworms for fun and intellectual stimulation every month.


A newsletter from the Maryvale CAO is available on the Blockwatch page...

Here is a pdf of the law concerning door-to-door solicitors

Historic Preservation

Dave Stanton's second very informative article on historic preservation

Property Tax Reduction Program

One of the benefits os living in a historic district is the property tax reduction. Learn more here.

Alley Lights available from APS

APS has an inexpensive program to install lights in the alleys. More info.

Just for Fun!

Long-time neighbor Patricia Wakefield reminds us of when the circus animals paraded up 15th Avenue on their way to the Coliseum for the Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Sustainability and Historic Preservation

An article by our Prez about the above

Animal Shelters

Check out our animal shelter page for info on adoptions. Sonoran Tails Magazine also maintains a listing. You might also try this listing on Historic Phoenix's website.

The Story neighborhood is one of Phoenix's first historic districts. Its 602 homes date from the late 1920s and span a variety of architectural styles, including Spanish Colonial Revival, English Tudor, Craftsman bungalows and transitional ranch. Homes are listed on both the federal and state registers of historic places. The neighborhood is bounded by McDowell Road, Roosevelt Street, Seventh Avenue and Grand Avenue. It is governed by the Story Preservation Association, a non-profit group consisting of Story residents. The association was started in 1984.

Neighbors enjoy proximity to downtown with Chase Field ballpark close by, as well as Symphony Hall and other cultural venues, restaurants and art galleries, and the ability to hop on the light rail for trips to Tempe and Mesa.

Neighborhood updates

Agenda for the next SPA meeting

Recycle your yard waste - From Mary Jo Pitzl

For several months, I have been participating in a city program that carts away my yard waste and turns it into mulch. It has saved me countless black-plastic trash bags and the hassle of wrestling thorny and bulky limbs into easily-pierced plastic.

For a $5 monthly fee, I get a big tan barrel which I can wheel around my yard as I trim limbs, rake leaves, mow and do general cleanup. Then once I week, I leave it at the curb for pickup and wheel the barrel back in before I leave for work.

It's a great idea, keeps a lot of usable stuff out of the landfill and makes yard work easier. It might even cut down on the temptation yard-work companies have to dump their debris in the alley instead of properly disposing of it -- just point them to the barrel.

I'd love to see more tan barrels out on collection day, although I fault the city for not doing more to advertise the program. So this is my effort to spread the word about the Green Organics program.

More information is available on the city's website at https://www.phoenix.gov/publicworks/recycling/green-organics-and-say-r-r/green-organics-map


December Treasurer's Report Now Available

State Fair Traffic Enforcement

With the state fair about to start, the police will be stepping up their patrols of our neighborhood. And while this is a good thing, generally, there is a downside. The police might be inclined to enforce more vigorously, as I found last year when I was ticketed for parking in the wrong direction in front of my house.

Yes, it is against city code to park against the direction of traffic. And although this happens on a daily basis with no repercussions, law enforcement appears to be much more vigilant during the fair. So to avoid a $50 ticket, if you're parking in the street, no matter for how brief a time, park in the direction of traffic.

Recent SPA Minutes

Download a copy of the minutes of recent Steering Committee meetings

Visual Award Winners Past and Present

We have added a gallery of photos of Visual Award winners - Past and Present. Check it out.


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From time to time we'll be reviewing local restaurants (by story residents) and posting them here. Just go to the Events and Entertainment page to read them. If you'd like to post a review, send your review to the webmaster.

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