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Another eye-catching window treatment in the 'hood


Countdown to Trash Pickup

Our uncontained trash in the alley is due to be picked up four times a year. Here's a pdf of the City's bulk trash pick-up schedule.

kids health and safety

Here are some links to articles on various health and safety topics for kids (and their parents).

Nutrition for Kids: Helping Children Get Off to a Good Start

A Family Affair: The Science Behind Creating Culinary Masterpieces with Your Young Chef

Motivating Kids to be Active

How to Create an Autism-Friendly Environment for Kids

Minding the Kids in Divorce: Minimizing the Mental Health Impact

Mental Illness in Children: Signs, Types, & Causes

The Parents’ Guide to Decluttering as Children Grow

5 Serious Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore in Kids

Coping with a Child’s Illness While You’re in Recovery: Learn Coping Methods While Going Through This Difficult Time

Rain in Phoenix?

Rainlog.org is a monitoring network sponsored by the University of Arizona that uses community members’ precipitation gauges to capture the most accurate data for Arizona rainfall.

Alley lights

By Bob Croft

If you’d like the added safety and security of nighttime lighting in your alley, APS has just the program.     APS’s Dawn to Dusk Lighting Service will provide a 100-watt high pressure sodium lamp (that’s pretty bright) on an existing power pole in the alley, for a monthly charge of $10.28 plus tax, added to your monthly electric bill.  Installation is free if you agree to a several year contract.  You’d need to secure permission from your alley neighbors affected. (As most power poles sit close to the property line, that means the 3 neighbors whose lots touch the corner of your lot that the power pole sits on).  You could also hit those neighbors to help with the cost – but APS needs to put the entire $10.28 on one person’s bill.     If one of those neighbors wants to have his backyard screened from the light (I got a story about folks wanting to skinny dip in private, at night), APS can install a shield on the light for about $45.00, if done at the time of the light installation.     In passing, I’d urge our neighbors with corner lots to look at the program; it would provide us all some sidewalk and street lighting in the mid-block of our north-south streets.     For more info, or to order, call Rick Benevidez at APS, 602-371-7263, or give me a holler at 602-695-3337.

APS Emergency Number

In the event of a power outage, APS has an emergency number that avoids many of the voice prompts of their main number. Call (602) 258-5483.

Street Lighting - Report of Damage-Malfunction As found in the famous BLUE pages of the Business Edition of the Phone Book (602) 495-5125

Please report any street lights that are out ASAP as we need all we have to be functioning. You'll need to have the pole number (approx 6-8 ft up on the street side) and the address of the house closest to the street light that's out. Leave a report on voice mail along with your phone number. It generally takes approx. 2 weeks to repair. If you have any problems with repairs taking longer, emaill Steve D.

Link to SHPO

Here's a link to the State Historic Preservation Office. If you want info on getting the reduced property tax rate for historic homes, this is the place to check.

Products and Services for Historic Homes

ARTS & CRAFTS, MISSION, CRAFTSMAN, and BUNGALOW STYLE homes can find historic products and services at this website.

Visual Award

Look on the home page for the Visual Award. We also have a page devoted to Visual Award Winners-Past and Present

Plant and Seed Exchange

Do you have an excess of vegetable or flower seeds or too many volunteer landscape plants that you don't want? How about seeds or plants that you would like but don't have? Now you can list the items you have to give away and those you would like to get here on the website. Add a post to the Message Board.

Building Permit Info

The City's Development Services Department has up-to-date info on building permits, plan reviews and inspections now available on the Web. you can track permit no., plan review no. and professional license no, name and address.

Contractor Guide

We've got a slew of new reviews and folks are finding competent, reliable contractors...and some have found some real dogs. Find out the straight scoop. If you've had work done, please take a minute to fill out the contractor survey and help out others who may need the same kind of work done.

Here are some links to local gardening websites:

The County Agricultural Extension Service has a plethora of gardening information. You'll find timely monthly tips, a garden calendar, gardening pubs available for download, answers to your gardening questions and links to other local websites.

For info on native plants, check out the Arizona Native Plant Society. You'll find bulletins on native plants, wildflower alerts and plant salvage information.

The Phoenix Rose Society meets the third Tuesday of the month at the the Valley Garden Center, 1809 N. 15th Ave. at 7:30 pm. Call for info-937.5713.

Perhaps the Valley of the Sun Gardeners is more to your liking. They meet the third Monday at the Washington Adult Center Auditorium at 2240 W. Citrus Way. Again, contact 937.5713.

Here's link to Bob Croft's blog and an articla about sustainability and historic preservation

5 Mistakes of Historic Homeowners

Check out this blog for common mistakes made by historic homeowners in rehabbing their houses: http://thecraftsmanblog.com/5-worst-mistakes-of-historic-homeowners-part-1-windows/